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We service and repair any type of car, light van or motorcycle. To ensure that the correct servicing and repairs are carried out, a copy of the servicing schedule for your precise make, model and year of car is printed from our extensive data base and personalised to you. This is a valuable addition to your Service History for the car when resale time comes around as it shows precisely what was done. The report also records any observed faults which may need attention.

We carry out MOT testing on cars and light vans. This is an appointments system and is usually busy - it pays to ring first.

We have a recovery service to bring customers broken-down cars into the garage or to fix them on site if possible. This is not meant to be a rival to the AA or RAC but is a local service - if in doubt give us a call. Another benefit is that if we do the work to repair your car in our workshop, we may forego the call out fee.

We carry out a FREE visual safety check on your car with a written statement of any observations. Please note that, unless you ask, no parts are removed for this inspection and no warranty can be given for non-visible faults.

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